Source: (102) Eleganza Bello – ***I wanted to be a Lawyer — But — I couldn’t…


One thought on “(102) Eleganza Bello – ***I wanted to be a Lawyer — But — I couldn’t afford Law School — So — I became an Accountant and A Business Owner … I wanted my 30 year old son to be “A Medical Doctor” — But — He has been online since age 10 when computers were well over $2,000 … So — He said he was going to “Design Video Games” … So — He became a Software Engineer and He can build a computer from the Scratch … Then — I wanted my 23 Year Old daughter to run for Beauty Pageant — And she did … I also wanted her to be A medical Doctor … She has chosen to become “A Journalist Instead” — My youngest daughter has Down Syndrome — But — She’s Smarter than all of us … Thank God — “I have no regret as a mother” … Because — We are all Purposely Blessed from Heaven … IN A NUTSHELL : — I See Hillary Clinton the same way I see Saint John Paul II — To Touch and Change People’s Lives … AND — “WE NEED HER MORE THAN EVER NOW” — [“I STILL WANT HER TO BE THE PRESIDENT”] … I Don’t know about you ??? … I am deeply concerned about our Nation and the World now … SO HELP US GOD*** … … Image may contain: 1 person, stripes

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