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Obama Won’t Help Half-Brother George Who Lives In Poverty – Redistribution Of The Wealth? / Video – !!!**YEP Mariam — But — “GOD IS THE ONE THAT BLESSES ONE BECAUSE OF ANOTHER / OTHERS” … BUT — IF YOU DON’T HELP ENOUGH” … HE CAN USE SOMEONE LIKE DONALD TO SHOW YOU THAT — “HE IS ALONE IS GOD” !!!Barack too didn’t treat his family “Good” enough”!!! … “FAMILY IS FAMILY IN NEED” … His brother in Japan also had bad things to say about him … And the one in Kenya was in living in “POVERTY” … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0H1jY8HufE … “A FAMILY THAT ONE HAS FAILED TO HELP MIGHT BE THE ONE THAT WILL BRING YOU DOWN / SELL YOU OUT” … AND — THAT’S THE AMERICAN WAY TOO … BECAUSE — “FAMILY IS FAMILY FIRST” — HUUMMMN**!!! …


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