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(110) STRONGER TOGETHER ( LIBERAL COALITION FORUM ) !!!**YES — “HILLARY” was done so wrongly by the “LEFT and the RIGHT” … Especially — By the people that she and her husband President Bill Clinton had Personally SpoonFed … That she had hoped to count on … How can she belief a “NON-ENTITY-INDIVIDUAL” LIKE ME ??? … “Yes – I WAS CALLED A “NON-ENTITY” by another Democrat – President Obama’s Supporter — {{We the PEOPLE are left Hopeless without Hillary Clinton — We are in-fact the LOSERS — “WHO WANTED HER TO WIN SO BADLY” … Nonetheless — The fight must continues until Madam President is in the Oval Office}} … So — I must also be fervent in prayers — So that — No-One-Can-Call-My Son-A-NON-ENTITY-FOR TELLING THE TRUTH … I shed tears that day — As I am shedding tears typing now … And I also pray and hope that my “ONLY SON” can reap the goodness that I am sowing … As I have reaped the mercy and the goodness of God where I hadn’t sown … Because of the Goodness of my Parents in heaven had done for countless people … AMEN**!!! ….


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